Finnegan Begin Again

The title’s from movie with Robert Preston (Victor/Victoria, The Music Man). I never saw it, but love the title. It came to mind as I thought about getting back to writing. My first instinct was to start a completely different blog. How could I go back to writing this one over a year after I said I was starting again, but did nothing? Well, turns out, all I had to do was show up. Now for some folks out there, that may seem like a no brainer, but for me with the voices of critics and perfectionists running through my head telling me not to embarrass myself by coming back, and that people will talk about me, it’s a process that has to be worked out.

1) The easy thing is to start something new and shiny. It takes courage to return when things didn’t go the way you planned the first time.

2) Who are these people? Only 20 or so people (even that may be a stretch) read this blog before I stopped writing, and none of them wrote saying they were lost with out it so I think we’re good. If someone did talk about me, they’re not part of my tribe. My tribe is about getting out there and trying things, and having to regroup and re-evaluate.

Now, here I am. To catch up, I did the Esprit de She sprint triathlon in San Diego in October, and 2 day Avon Walk in Charlotte in November 2014. I rolled my ankle in Charlotte, and haven’t done anything of note since November. There was some recreational swimming. Lately, my right knee has been causing me pain (I’ve hyper-extended it multiple times, had a bucket handle tear resulting in surgery and a bike crash where it slammed into the ground). After years of taking the knee and my body for granted, I’m in physical therapy. All I can say is, if you get injured, properly rehab your body. The doctor and I are going to make the rounds through my injuries starting with my knee to create a whole, aligned body.

Not an earth shattering post, but words are on the page. Yay! If there’s something you put down, but want to do again, I say to you, “Finnegain begin again!” Don’t wait. Do it.



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