When Life Attacks…


There are days I’d like the world to stop so I can take a breath. The last time I wished that I wound up sick in bed for a week. From the holistic point of view, I completely understand about mind/body/spirit/emotion connection. I get why I got sick, but I don’t like it and didn’t appreciate it. Too many things to do to be sick. Or so I thought! (Always learning lessons.) Now my practice when life threatens to overtake me is to take a time out before a virus waylays me again.


Active meditation and prayer.

Get out for a walk.

Move to another room at home to be alone.

If at work, book a conference room to work in alone for 30 minutes.

Call a friend for a new perspective.


The time out feels as if it add oxygen to the air I’m breathing, and calms the buzzing in my head until I can resume taking it one day at a time.


Note: I found the image here close to the bottom of the page.


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