Making a Decision

Three years ago, I completed the Malibu Triathlon Olympic Distance Course, 1.5K Pacific Ocean swim, a 40K out-and-back bike course along the Pacific Coast Highway, and a 10K out-and-back run. During training I was surfing the ‘net for inspiration, and came across Rich Roll who at 40 years old transformed himself from being 50 pounds overweight and an 80 hour per week workaholic to a two-time Ultraman Champion over a period of 5 years.

I love the music and the message of the video. If you want a different life–even simpler than a life–if you want a new job, a new relationship, to learn a new language, run a 5k, walk around the block without being winded, whatever you want, it starts with you deciding you want it. Every day, every moment, you decide to take actions in line with the new value, new goal you’ve chosen. There’s strength and power in deciding. Such an exciting, empowering way of living!


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