Gym Fit or Fitness Lifestyle

SPOILER ALERT: I’m in favor of a fit lifestyle. That realization has taken me time to voice. Only because I didn’t quite get the difference. In conversation with someone recently, we were discussing athletic events. I said I don’t want to spend months training for something, I want to enjoy my life now. Not that running isn’t still fun, it’s just an event months away is not enough to keep me heading out everyday.

I’m sure some of you will throw out words like discipline and will-power. Been there. Done that. I know the discipline of training for a triathlon, marathon or 100 mi bike ride. I’ve restricted and dieted, and focused on nutrition and training. In the discussion, what I realized is that most of my life has been one of endurance. I don’t want to endure my life anymore. I want to actually live an active lifestyle, i.e. backpacking trips, hiking, boxing, crossfit, swimming, and aerial class and adult gymnastics (as mentioned in the last post), and eat delicious, healthy food that nourishes and fuels my body, including decedent, rich yumminess. There’s no reason working out and playing can’t be the same thing.

What happens when fit becomes a way to be, a way to live instead of another variation to punish and control my body? I think my life broadens, and opens to new ways of moving, connecting to and loving my body. That feels right to me. It engages my curiosity and the lifelong learner in me. I’ll become part of diverse communities, be constantly challenged physically, and push the boundaries of what I tell myself I can do.

Look out for changes in the rest of my life when I free myself of old, self-limiting stories and beliefs! McFadden & Whitehead’s “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” feels like an appropriate theme song.


Quick shout out to my new favorite FB page, the body positive group called The Body Is Not an Apology. They’re where I found the graphic below.




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