Out of thin air

I’ve been traveling, and, generally, loving life the past week or so. The sense of what I’m doing finally took the form of words. I’m building a life that hadn’t existed. Yes, I want to be athletic, to feel my body be strong, vibrant and graceful. That is not so coincidentally what I want from the life I’m creating.

I fell back on old ways in developing a training schedule. The schedule is in terrible need of being revised; no working out has happened in a week. Returning to old ways isn’t so bad. They worked in the past, or else I wouldn’t go back to them. This time ’round the old ways are like clothes or shoes that don’t fit regardless of how much I like the style. The life I’m envisioning is active and engaging. I’ll train if there’s an event I want, but since I started this blog, and during my vacation I realized this is about integration. Creating a whole life. Bits and pieces of old may be useful since not everything from my past needs to be thrown away, but all in all this is going to be something new to me. I want to live and be present in my body, and my life. Taking chances on new physical activities like aerial classes at Cirque School, adult gymnastics or roller derby (this one makes my stomach flip, but that’s probably the sign of being challenged) is adding color and richness to my life.

In searching for the lyrics to Foo Fighter’s Walk, I came across Ashleigh Brilliant. He’s providing today’s illustration. Check him out.




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