Better Together

“It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together.” ~ Jack Johnson


Jack (like we’re on a first names with each other) sings one of my favorite songs, Banana Pancakes. His lyric from Better Together popped into my head as I thought about tonight’s post, which is perfect for my experience today. No, it wasn’t romantic. Simple friendship, sharing and laughter. A friend asked to exercising with me. Our schedules are crazy so we landed on walking once a week. I forget how much I enjoy connecting. My view can be quite narrow and fixed at times in order to check off my to-do list, or feel like I’m moving faster towards my goals.

One of the things I’m working to do in this lifestyle re-design is to see my life as a whole. To integrate, not compartmentalize, my vision and values. More connection with family and friends is a priority. If I can combine healthy activity and connection, everyone wins. We had a lovely 2 mile walk and chat at the house afterward. I’m thankful to her for reaching out. She, unwittingly, is helping me live into a fuller, richer life. AND gave the end of my day much needed laughter.


Tomorrow’s workout: 3 mile run + strength



2 thoughts on “Better Together

  1. first off, I love both of those songs.

    secondly pictures or it didn’t happen, LOL

    also i want you to know that your blog now stands as proof that we can all inspire each other. I know you mention that my drive inspired you but after Sunday’s beat down I didn’t know how to feel and I’ve been kind of in a dark place. I’ve haven’t ran or written in days. this morning i came and read a few posts I had missed and re read some of your past posts and am so glad you’re keeping this up. this whole thing is “better when we’re together” even if only in spirit. Look out for a new post, as far as running I’m giving my body an entire week off before getting back to it.

    • LOL. You know I’m technologically challenged. I was thinking of adding pictures to posts, but it made me tired just considering how to do it. I know I’ll have to ‘upgrade’ at some point to make things more exciting. Now is not the time.

      I’m glad you’re back. I was only giving you ’til Monday to start writing again. You had a few more days for running, or at least being active. It didn’t have to be running. The writing part was non-negotiable. Let the fun begin.

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