Musings of a Tired Mind

“Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!” ~Dr. Seuss

Yesterday’s workout: 3 mile run + strength (35 squats, 25 pushups, 1 min plank)

Almost didn’t run today. So tired. Tired is a slippery slope for me. The slope part is giving myself permission to miss a workout for simple reasons, which turns into permission to miss a workout if the wind blows too hard. There’s a difference between burn out or exhaustion, and tired. Burn out or exhaustion are causes for missing a workout to engage in self-care. Tired means I need to review my schedule to see where I can be more efficient with my time, in order to get more sleep. Tired is not a reason to miss 3 miles plus maybe 5 mins of strength work.

As I was dragging myself to the shower, my brain started thinking of ways to avoid showering and go straight to bed. My aversion to being funky is stronger than my desire for sleep. Anyway, in the midst of my debate, my brain said, “You know what would make this whole situation better? An automated shower!” Brilliant, right? Like a car wash for people. After a long day, you program the temperature of the water, the flow of the water (massage, pulse, regular), the speed of the moving walkway, and if you’re exfoliating you have the option of the loofah versus the body buff puff. When you’re tired, you hop on the moving walkway, and the shower does the rest. This idea makes me giggle. It’s brilliant. Someone out there really should create it. To the future billionaire who invents the automated shower, you’re welcome for the idea, and I thank you for making one of my dreams come true.

Ok. That’s it today. My tired brain is shutting down.


3 thoughts on “Musings of a Tired Mind

  1. I kind of like the idea. My aversion to being funky though is strong on this end too. I shower twice a day at a minimum. I often times shower 3 times. LOL. I’ll get my brilliant kids on it. Daddy needs a new house.

    • Yes, let the babies at it! The world needs an automated shower. Though, I must admit to only showering once a day. Maybe twice depending on activity. My skin is like rice paper, would dry up and flake off, if I did anything more on a regular basis. lol.

  2. I thought of the scenes in the Jetsons! Why not? Everything can be created to work with water running. I think it should even have the clothes/pajamas be at the end so you can simply put them on, after a good lotion or moisturizing, and “DONE!” Now to assemble the team. Go, go, Gadget team.

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