Observations from the Road #1

“Perfect is the enemy of the good.” ~Voltaire

Yesterday’s workout: 3m run. I run 1 block and walk 1 block. Building up foundation.

Best Jam on playlist – Musicology by Prince

Disturbing sight – Man laying not moving on the sidewalk. I stopped by the Fire Station to alert them to the man’s condition and location.

Dubious action – A couple were walking passed a pick up truck with a hard cover over the truck bed. The woman set a styrofoam cup down on the bed. She had the nerve to look sheepish when she realized someone was behind her. There was quite a bit of hesitation and double mindedness about picking it up once she knew there was a witness to her mess. That action made me think of how we literally and figuratively leave our mess for others to clean up. Made mental note to be better about not to being Trash Monster, literally and figuratively.

Inspiration moment – Towards the end of my last run, my right knee started hurting. Poor thing has been through it. Surgeries. Hyperextension. Banged on street during cycling accident. I was thinking, “Well, maybe I can’t run.” My youngest nephew came to mind as I got closer to today’s run. When he was 8ish, there was an open parking spot, which I thought was too small for me parallel park my Honda CRV. From the back seat, he piped up, “Try Mimi. You can do it. Try.” Continuous reminders to try. No progress is ever made standing still.


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